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 A Sharp Reputation

Portable target practice is easier than ever, thanks to the Quick Shoot Target Holder in Oregon City, Oregon. Our invention works so well, customers have nothing but good things to say about it. Here are some of their comments. 

"I've always struggled to set up my bag target in the field, having to prop it up with sticks or leaning it against a tree. It was always tipping over and slowing me down. All those problems disappeared when I started using The Quick-Shoot Target Holder. It works great, is simple to set up, and is extremely portable too. It is definitely worth the investment!" —Reed C.

"The Quick-Shoot definitely made me a better shot in the field. When I hit the woods for scouting missions, or a hunting/camping trip, my Quick-Shoot goes with me. I never have to worry about my targets falling over anymore when I am out in the woods, or at home on my range. My various bag targets are lasting way longer as well. They stay drier, cleaner, and let me place my targets in a more realistic hunting environment. We have a 60 yard range at my house and shoot almost every weekend. Everyone who pulls arrows out of these targets comment on how much easier they are to remove when hanging on a Quick-Shoot! They really do steal the show as far as target stands go! No complaints here, other than I want a couple more." —Johnnie J. Jr.

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