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Reinventing the Target Holder

A suitable shooting target stand to practice on is hard to come by. Most target holders are not equipped for different terrains, or easily transported to a site. Quick Shoot Target Holder in Oregon City, Oregon, optimizes your shooting practice with a portable target holder that stays upright on almost any kind of terrain, eliminating the need to constantly prop it back up on rocks and trees. It can be set up in less than a minute, and it folds into a compact shape for easy storage.

Our patented quick shoot base (Patent #8,720,986 B2), is the key piece that holds the legs and the target. The angle of the front legs grants its stability against the target swing to provide you a more accurate practice. Our unique leg system lets the base legs stay stable on almost any terrain. This allows the solid rod legs to adjust inside of the tube and lock in place, while the rubber foot caps increase traction on smoother surfaces. 

The Target Stand Design 

The Quick-Shoot Target Holder transforms a normal shooting target stand into a versatile, long-lasting target by absorbing the arrow’s impact and providing more target area. We have used Field Logic™ Hurricane target in the past, because it's lightweight, inexpensive, and works well. 

Our product includes a chain that allows you to accurately adjust the height of your target for any shooting situations. The target holder also comes with a bungee cord that minimizes target swing. This cord attaches the target to the legs of the stand to absorb the impact of the arrow and allow for easy removal.

Contact us to improve your shooting accuracy with the Quick-Shoot Target Holder. It is only $119.99, and shipping and handling may vary depending on the region. Please allow at least four weeks for delivery. The product does not include a target.

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