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The Portable
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An Anytime Target

Are you tired of shaky archery target holders that mess with your practice? The Quick Shoot Target Holder has you covered. Become a safer and more accurate shooter with our portable target stand that’s ideal for practicing anywhere, any time. 

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About Us

Quick Shoot Target Holder in Oregon City, Oregon, provides a portable target stand that can accommodate to the landscape for accurate and convenient target practice. Our all-terrain target stand gives you the ability to practice shooting anywhere and for any event. It has everything you’re looking for in a portable target stand.

Our founder has been an avid bow hunter for over a decade, so he is very familiar with the problems involving most archery target holders. The trouble with using buildings or trees to set up the targets is that the arrows get damaged when removed and need to be replaced, which can get too expensive down the line.   

Our unique, American-made product is easy to use and its innovative design extends the life of your targets, allowing for easier arrow removal. It can be unassembled and tucked behind a seat or in the trunk of your car for accessible portability. There is nothing out in the market like it. Once you try the Quick Shoot Target Holder, you won’t settle for anything else.

Mission Statement 

Our goal is to get a Quick Shoot Target Holder into every archer’s garage to improve their accuracy and speed.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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